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Join us in a creative pursuit and help us build a community of makers and artisans.  Let's put together our creative energies in developing a hub of making and doing, giving and getting, learning and teaching. welcomes all individuals and professionals to join the Creative Guild. We are in the process of envisioning an Indo-Global community with a focus on creating chic, affordable and a world-class quality of handmade products. Take your first step towards becoming a creative, visionary soul.

What is a Creative Guild?

  • A place to share knowledge, tools, techniques, processes and designs
  • A hub to promote artists and connect with buyers on global platform
  • A community to inspire, support and encourage each other

How to be a part of the Creative Guild?

  • As Members: Get ideas, inspirations and resources to create next projects
  • As Affiliates: Earn extra income by simply selling our products/services
  • As Designers: Focus on your creativity while we focus on growing your business

Why would you join the Guild?

  • Develop your artistic skills with access to our vast collection of 1200+ projects
  • Grow your network and have a global identity
  • Build your profitable business using our skills and knowledge of 10+ years
Going forward, not only do we want to create new opportunities for you, but also want to evolve as a creative space where talents from all areas of art come together. We encourage you to unleash your creativity, infuse your own style and elevate your art to the next level.

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