Baby Girl Keepsakes

Capture those precious moments of each month of your baby’s first year in a designer scrapbook that is custom-made to suit your taste and preferences.  A baby scrapbook written with mom’s own hand is one of the most treasured pieces of childhood memorabilia. Long after the baby’s cradle is folded up and the cuddly blankets put away, your child’s scrapbook album will give future generations a way to reconnect and reminisce the fondly memories. What could be more important than preserving the story of your baby’s life?

Our designer collection of mini albums, scrapbooks, photo collage, picture frames and 3D keepsakes are made with highest quality paper that you simply can’t find at the major retail stores. We take immense pleasure in creating one-of-a-kind designs, filled with interesting patterns, interactive layouts, ribbons, decorative accessories and 3-D accents. We strive to provide a lasting legacy for the entire family!

The only thing we love more than sharing our designs, is seeing your creations. If you have been inspired by our projects, we would love you to share the pictures with us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram using the hashtag #lovetocreatewithartizin and do share your thoughts by leaving us a comment below!

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