Paper Chrysanthemum

Paper flowers are so versatile and available year round for various craft projects, starting from wall art and table decor to card-making and scrap-booking. Because they come in a variety of shapes and colors, they are preferred for decorations during festivals, holidays and parties. Try them for a simple yet elegant gift wrap or for a cute window display.

Today we will show you how to make two different forms of chrysanthemum, a popular flower that is known for its ornamental uses. In India, this flower has many different names such as Chandramallika (Hindi), Chamanthi (Telugu), Chandramukhi (Manipuri), Sebati (Oriya), Saamandi (Tamil), Japanese Flower (Gujarati) and Shevanti (Marathi).

You Will Need

  • Flower Pattern 
  • Distressing Ink
  • Sponge
  • Glue
  • Paint brush

How To Make Flower # 1

  1. Cut petals and stamens according to the given pattern
  2. Arrange shapes in order - largest to smallest
  3. Taking two petals of each shape, layer, rotate and glue them together
  4. Fold all petals towards the center
  5. Fold each stamen towards the center and layer them in similar fashion
  6. Glue stamens to the center of the base flower
  7. Add foliage and floral wire as desired 

How To Make Flower # 2

  1. Cut petals according to pattern
  2. Curl each petals with fingers or paint brush
  3. Arrange each petal starting from the largest to the smallest size
  4. Gather all the stamens, fold them towards the center 
  5. Stack and glue stamens by alternating each layer
  6. Adhere the stamens to the center of the petals
  7. Gently remove the curls to give the shape (as shown in the image below)
  8. Add leaves and floral wire as desired
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