Festive Treats Boxes

Festivals are the perfect time to indulge, which is why we designed these treat boxes that you can use to give away some sweet holiday cheer. Our festive treat boxes require minimum effort, but they are a great way to spread some festive generosity. There is nothing quite like a special handmade favor box filled with treats to giveaway during Rakshabandhan, Diwali and Ganapati festivity. These boxes are also perfect for religious events, wedding presents, party favors, classroom treats, appreciation gifts or a little "welcome" gift for a colleague or neighbor!

The first step in making these treat boxes is picking your paper. Colorful card stock or heavy weight pattern paper are both great options. All you want to make sure is that the paper should bend smoothly without tearing apart when assembling these boxes. You can also pick some heavy duty glitter paper for variety. Next you will need to purchase the pattern and DIY guide that will help you step by step in making these beautiful boxes. For decorating these boxes you will need some paper accents like the paper chrysanthemum, rolled paper roses and feathers. The most important thing is to get creative where you can. So gather your scissors, glue and colorful threads to get started!

What You Need

Box Pattern & DIY Guide: Set of 5 ₹ 375
Paper Chrysanthemum Pattern: ₹ 45
Rolled Paper Roses Pattern: FREE
Feather Pattern: ₹ 45


FREE patterns can be downloaded directly by clicking the link provided here. To buy one or more patterns listed above, simply make the payment via PayTM : 9730077168 or UPI : artizinstudio@upi and notify us by sharing your email address and the payment confirmation via whatsapp. Upon receiving the payment, we will email you the link to download your pattern.

How To Assemble

1. Download your pattern, then print, cut and trace it on your paper
2. Trim the paper to get the outline of your treat box
3. Follow the guide to fold along the designated score lines
4. Glue the paper accents as desired
5. When you are ready, fill the treat boxes with goodies

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