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Today's video is for all the newbies who want to learn the art of stamping! In this video we will cover the basic supplies required for stamping and show you how to stamp with acrylic stamps. A lot of stamping is personal preference and depends on your style, taste and what you want to do with your stamps - but for now let's just focus on the bare minimum requirements like the stamps, inks, blocks and cleaning supplies. If you have never stamped before you may be wondering "How do I use those stamps?" "how to get clear stamped impressions?" and "how to clean the stamps?" This video will answer all those questions. So let's get started...

Stamping is a rewarding hobby and with a little bit of practice and some right tools, you can get amazing artwork done, even if you are not an artist! Once you have mastered the skills and techniques of stamping, you can use it for various projects such as card-making, scrap-booking, paper-crafting, mixed media, and much more.

As suggested in our earlier article, Stamping - Tools of the Trade, there are a few different types of stamps available to choose from -  traditional wood mount stamps and clear acrylic stamps. In all our future videos we will be using our favorite acrylic stamps because it is easy to see where you are stamping with a clear acrylic block. Also, clear stamps come in sets and can be manipulated into shapes. Finally, all stamps wear over time, but with proper care, they can last for several years or even more.

How to Stamp with Acrylic Stamps

  • Select the stamp and attach it an acrylic block big enough to hold the entire image
  • Ink the surface of the stamp using the ink of your choice.
  • Make sure the design is completely covered with ink
  • Flip the stamp (image side down) and press it firmly onto the paper
  • Do your best not to rock the stamp after you have pressed it down.
  • Rocking the stamp may result in a blurry image
  • Lift the stamp from the paper 
  • Clean your stamp and acrylic block with cleaning pad and spritz cleaner
  • Stick the stamp on the holder sheet and put it away for next time


  • Always test your stamps before using them on your project
  • Small stamps require less ink and less pressure
  • Large stamps require more ink and a firmer hand
  • Condition your new stamp with sanding paper or pencil eraser to assure clear images
  • Choose the right ink based on the surface of your project
List of Supplies 

  • Acrylic Stamp - Happy Moments 
  • Acrylic Block - 3" x 3" inches
  • White Card Sheet
  • Cleaning Pad
  • Spritz Cleaner
Video Tutorial 

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