Mother's Day Crafts Day 1: Notebook

To celebrate all of the incredible joy our mothers bring to our lives, we at Artizin Studio have dedicated this week to create gifts that are made with love and admiration!  It's no secret that moms love handmade gifts, so why not give her an extra special Notebook crafted by you?

Scroll down below to see the instructions of this DIY kit that we have put together for you!


- Pre-cut cover page 
- Pre-embossed vellum insert
- Pre-scored insterts (Qty 6)
- Pre-cut letters "Notes"
- Colorful Thread (36 inches)

  • Glue
  • Sand Paper / Tool
  • Large Needle

  1. Fold all the white inserts at the scored line
  2. Fold the pre-cut cover page at the scored line
  3. Fold the embossed vellum insert at the scored line
  4. Align the embossed impressions with the circles pattern
  5. Glue the vellum insert carefully while making sure it doesn't crease
  6. Adhere the letters "Notes" at the bottom right of the cover page
  7. Align all the inserts to the cover page leaving equal space on all sides
  8. Open the booklet at its center page and pierce holes with the needle at 1-7/8", 3.5" and 5" 
  9. Put the thread through the needle and secure the booklet in your desired pattern

We are here to help you explore your creativity while making your craft life easier. Our D.I.Y. kits are created with simplicity in mind and we always strive to provide you with the latest trends in the world of DIY and papercrafting. And best of all - you get to create incredible projects at fraction of cost while experimenting with different crafts without having to invest in expensive tools!  

Not a DIYer? No problem! We are happy to create this Notebook for that special "She" in your life. Just contact us and we'll be happy to craft this with our hands, fully customized to your taste and preference!

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