Mother's Day Crafts Day 3 : Pop Up Card

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and sometimes a gesture as small as surprising Mom with a handcrafted card can mean so much to her. We have designed this gorgeous pop up card so that you can give your mother something as beautiful as she is and shower her with love on this special day! 

This card features intricately cut card front, floral pattern scalloped hearts, glitter sentiments, sequins and more. Follow along with our step by step instructions below to learn how to assemble this kit!


- White Metallic Card Base 
- Matching Envelope
- Pre-cut designer card front
- Pearl metallic paper
- Pre-cut hearts
- Pre-cut words "Happy" & Mother's Day

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Scoring Tool
  • Scale
  • Pencil

  1. Cut both A4 size metallic paper such that you get four 4-1/4" squares from each (total 8 squares)
  2. Begin by folding each square in half one direction 
  3. Continue folding in half in the other direction 
  4. You should have a folded square measuring 2-1/8"
  5. Place the given heart template over your square
  6. Align the bottom of the heart with the central corner of the folded square and cut your shape
  7. Unfold your paper and it should look like a four leaved clover
  8. Bring the bottom right corner over the bottom left while keeping your index finger on the centre
  9. Bring down middle left to the bottom middle point creating a triangle that is tucked in
  10. Using your scoring tool firmly go over the folded edges to get neat creases
  11. Open your sheet and cut down half way on your top middle fold
  12. Leaving the heart next to the cut glue 3 scalloped hearts on the other 3 hearts
  13. Next flip it over and glue 3 scalloped hearts on the back side
  14. Now glue your top left heart onto your top right heart
  15. You have created your first pop up fold
  16. Repeat steps 2 to 15 to make 7 more of these
  17. Take 4 of the folded squares and glue 3 of them together and keep the top and bottom flap unglued
  18. Make sure the folded in heart is always on the bottom and aligned 
  19. Repeat step 17th and 18th for rest of the 4 squares
  20. Take the card and fold it at the scored line
  21. Aligning both folded hearts glue the bottom to the bottom inside of the card
  22. Next glue the top of both folded hearts to the top inside of the card
  23. Now glue "Mother's Day" to the inside of the card as desired

  1. Glue the pre-cut metallic card front to the top of the card
  2. Adhere the word "Happy" as desired
  3. Glue the sequences to the card front as desired
These steps look overwhelming but it is not as difficult as it sounds. If you want us to share the step by step photo tutorial or want us to make a video tutorial of this project or have a DIY idea that you'd like to see come to life, let us know in the comments below. And stay tuned for plenty more Mother's Day projects coming your way! 

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