Bespoke | Creative Gift Wraps for Kids Birthday

We all know how much kids love receiving gifts, so why not go an extra mile and take the joy even further by packing those gifts into something pretty and creative? Let us show you how with just a bit of creativity and a few pieces of paper you can also create gift wrap that will surely make a big impression when those little hands start to unwrap them.

Let's start with this custom designed unicorn themed gift wrap that looks just as magical and enchanting as the gifts wrapped inside. The tiny twinkling stars, colorful rainbow, glittery unicorn, milky clouds, elegant "Happy Birthday" script and tall sparkling lettered name makes this a perfect gift wrap for the girl who loves all things Unicorn!

Another gift wrap that we truly enjoyed designing was this dimensional Hot Air Balloon. To make the birthday kid feel more special we added shimmery letters, balloons in rainbow colors and embossed card to write a birthday message. 

Designing this gift wrap was also an opportunity to creatively add simple elements like balloons with colors that match the theme of the gifts packed inside this pretty package. Can you take a guess what's inside this gift? If you guessed Minions.. you are absolutely right! There's just something about getting a present that's all cutely wrapped in your favorite character or theme. It's all about the simple things that can mean so much more!

If you need help with custom gift wrapping or want to wrap your gifts in unique paper, make sure to call us or send us a whatsapp message. And be sure to leave us a comment below if you have any suggestions for what we should craft next. We are here to help you discover your creativity and inspire you to create something everyday!  

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