Bespoke | You & Me Photo Frame

Photos evoke emotions, express feelings and remind us of the memories we wish to hold on to forever. By putting our photos creatively into a frame or an album, we not only get to relive these moments again but we also get to revisit the feelings associated with them. By creating scrapbooks or photo keepsakes like this frame here, you give your family and friends something to look through and even allow them to have their own emotional responses.

It's important to create a place for your loved ones to look at the photos that you have captured of whatever you love, through beautiful pages that share the story of your life's journey. Because you know it's true that people especially children, love seeing pictures of themselves!

We were blessed with an opportunity to create this one of a kind photo frame as a gift for a special celebration. With limited time on hand, we created a fresh new design as per our client's requirements. As we started working on the piece, we saw our design coming to life through - the rainbow arrangement of stitched stars layered in monochromatic hues, the stitching around the photo, the bold and dimensional "you & me" sentiment with a touch of shimmer, the splatter in the background and the lines connecting the stars hand-drawn with glitter pen. Final outcome being - a piece that truly made our heart happy!

If you'd like us to design something for you or for someone you know, call or whatsapp us and we will be happy to help you. If you're a DIYer and wish to create your very own beautiful artwork with minimal effort, look out for our all inclusive DIY kits. For more inspirations follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. We have some amazing videos coming up soon on our YouTube channel so be sure to subscribe & click the bell to be notified when a new video is published!

We hope that this post has inspired you to do something with all those precious memories that are stored in your digital cameras or smartphones. Now is the time that you print your photos, write your stories and create pages with them to celebrate the way life looks today. Take the time to make your and your loved ones heart happy! 

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