DIY Frame for Dad

Make your dad feel like a Hero with this beautiful sentimental frame that he will love receiving! All dad's appreciate any gift given to them, especially when its made with your own hands. Handmade gifts are unique, thoughtful and priceless, something that they can treasure forever.  

You Will Need

  • Wooden Frame
  • Paper - Kraft, Cardstock, Pattern Papers
  • Add Ons - Doily, Flowers + Borders Die Cuts, Embroidery Thread & Decorative Accents
  • Tools - Scissors, Embossing Tool, Foam Pad, Sponge and Ink
  • Glue - Pop Up Dots, glue dots and liquid glue

How To Make

  1. Cut the Kraft paper to the size of the base of your frame
  2. Place the Kraft paper on the foam pad and press the embossing tool across the paper
  3. The paper now has a raised dots pattern - glue it to the base of the frame
  4. Cut the decorative doily into half and glue it leaving 1 inch from the left
  5. Layer and glue 2 different shades of paper borders on the left edge of the doily
  6. Cut three 1.5" squares to make 3 equilateral triangles out of them
  7. Sponge the edges of the triangles with ink to give a distressed look
  8. Print and cut letters "D" "A" "D" and glue them on each triangle with pop up dots 
  9. Tie the triangles with the embroidery thread and stick them to the base with pop up dots
  10. Add a washi tape or paper borders and cover the gap between the two triangles
  11. Take two small strips of paper and cut a "V" off both their edges 
  12. Criss Cross the two strips and glue them on the Kraft paper
  13. Cut the sentiment "You Are My Hero" and sponge the edges with a contrasting ink
  14. Layer the sentiment by centering it on top of the two strips and glue it with foam tape
  15. Glue 3 paper flowers on the top left edge of the frame

Purchase Options

Flower Template - Download, Print, Cut and Assemble flowers
Includes: PDF copy of the template
Price:  45

Step by Step Photo Guide - Download, Print, Cut and Assemble your project
Includes: PDF copies of the template + step by step photo tutorial
Members:  95

Add On Kit - Ready to assemble die cuts and decorative accents
Includes: Glue Dots, Pop Up Dots, Glue, Doily, Pre-cut Flowers, Pre-cut Borders, Embroidery Thread and Decorative Accents (D-A-D letters, mini buntings, Arrows, You Are My Hero Accent)
Price:  395

Do-It-Yourself Kit - Everything you need to complete your project
Includes: Add On Kit + Embossed Paper + Frame
Price:  595

Ready-Made Frame - Finished product with frame
Price:  995

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