Tissue Paper Gift Wrap

Packaging is half a gift by itself and with this simple, easy to make tissue flower wrap you are guaranteed to make a big impression! Working with tissue paper is so much fun as it adds a whole other level of prettiness to this gift set. The best part being that it transforms from flat, lifeless sheet of paper to a bloom that is so much more realistic.  

You Will Need

  • Tissue Paper
  • Scissors
  • Paper Cutter
  • Pencil
  • Waxy Thread
  • Mini hole punch

How To Make

  1. Fold the tissue in half twice to create a square with 4 layers
  2. Fold it again in half to create a rectangle with 8 layers
  3. Once again fold it in half to create a square with 16 layers
  4. Fold diagonally to create a big triangle
  5. Fold the triangle again to form a smaller triangle
  6. Fold half of the triangle again and flip it over
  7. Fold other half of the triangle to form small triangle
  8. With folded edge as point, mark a pointed semi circle (resembling a leaf)
  9. Cut the marked line with scissors keeping all layers intact
  10. Open tissue petals and stack 8 layers of tissue, rotating each piece
  11. Fold petals in half and punch a hole in center 
  12. Tie the long waxy thread through hole and open up each petals
  13. Starting with topmost layer, gather tissue into a cone and crimp at the base
  14. Repeat this process for all 8 layers 
  15. Tie on top of gift by wrapping the thread around the box

Try This 

  • To get a fuller look use all 16 layers of petals in one flower
  • Glue the flower directly to the gift by adding a base to the back of the flower
  • Use twine or ribbon instead of the waxy thread
  • Add 2 or more flowers together to achieve a dense look
  • Glitter the edges of the petals to add some sparkle
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