Rakhi Postcards

Add a beautiful personal touch to your celebration by wrapping those special rakhis in these incredibly captivating postcards. Say good-bye to the traditional way of presenting rakhis in envelopes and get more creative with your paper. Apart from adding to the style, each embossed sheet distressed with coordinating ink will give a 3D look to your cards. Finally, brighten up each card with a colorful festive tag and don't forget to write a quote on the back for your special brother. Wondering what to write? Don't worry, we have got your back!

Rakshabandhan Quotes

Though there are tons of quotes available online, we stretched our imagination to put together the following list of original quotes that you could use for this occasion:

"On our journey of friendship and love, may this small thread bind us in joy forever!"

"In this bond of love and togetherness, this thread will bind our lives and hearts for eternity!"

"Sending lots of love and good wishes to my big/little brother who means the world to me!"

"I am blessed to have a brother like you in whom I have found a true friend and a guiding light!"

"The dyes of this thread may fade, but the knot of our love will never degrade!"

Product Details

Content: set of 2 embossed postcards with tags

Size: 4 inch by 3 inch

Price:  150

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