Product Showcase

They say one shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but people totally judge crafts by their photos all the time. Great photo really showcases the story behind the work and creates an air of charm or glamour. Our latest product showcase - courtesy of J-peg Factory is a beautiful vignette of our most recent home decor collection. This captivating, rich and meticulous display put together by the talented team of J-peg factory truly captures the finest details of our creations. Scroll down below for a glimpse of their pin-worthy visuals.

Excerpt from Jpeg Factory Facebook page

"Simple and yet thoughtful...artistic and practical. This is how we understand the range presented to us by Artiz. Vaibhavi is an industrious lady and her creations are perfect for festivals and for sprucing up your homes... Clicking with papers, lights and textures was a different one for us and we look forward to more..." 

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