DIY Mermaid Stencil Art Kit

Create your own fantasy scenes filled with this beautiful mythical aquatic creature - Mermaid. In European folklore, mermaids or mermen were natural beings who, like fairies, had magical and prophetic powers! Now you can bring magic into your craft project with this gorgeous stencil.

Stencils are very versatile and can be used for card making, wall painting, decorative painting, creating patterns, mixed media art - masking, embossing etc. You can also mix and match your stencils for unlimited creativity!


Stenciling is a mixed media art technique for reproducing designs by passing ink or paint through the cut portion of a stencil onto the surface to be decorated. In paper crafting, stenciling is the most cost effective way to add layers and dimensions to your projects with minimal efforts. The best thing about stencils is that it is easy to replicate the same design over and over again.You can also create repeating patterns on a variety of surfaces.

The mermaid stencil illustrated here has been designed and manufactured in our studio. It is cut from a clear acetate sheet that is reusable, washable and flexible. With proper care and cleaning, you can use it a thousand times. The stencil has no adhesive backing so it will need to be held tightly or adhered to the surface you want to stencil using a repositionable spray mount or pieces of tape. This stencil design has 2 parts - the negative and positive. The large stencil with the shape cut out of it is the negative part and the shape itself is the positive part.

Stencils can be used on nearly every surface and every medium imaginable. Paint on wood, ink on fabric, chalk on paper, glitter and thick mediums for your scrapbook, spray paint on your furniture, even frosting on your cake! It all depends on your application needs or preferences.


There are special tools required for stenciling however they need not be fancy.

Stencil Brushes: flat tipped and domed brushes - helps in controlling the pigment
Masking Tape: not too sticky - helps keeping your stencil in one place
Sponge: Alternative to stencil brushes
Cloth: for paints and stencils
Acrylic Paint: Burnt Umber, Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Red, Crimson Lake, Cadmium Green, Aqua Green and Ultramarine Blue


Place the negative part of the stencil on paper and secure it with a masking tape
Take a tiny drop of burnt umber and dab it with a sponge to trace mermaid's body
After it is completely dry, place the positive part on top of the area you painted
Squeeze tiny amount of rest of the colors and apply it to create horizontal stripes
Wash the stencil with soap and water and clean it up with a dry cloth


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