Quilled Flowers Dream Catcher

Make your walls beautiful with this bold and vibrant dream catcher, perfect for any room. The cluster of paper flowers hung in the center will catch your bad dreams during the night and allow the good dreams to float down the colorful yarns and onto you. The two wooden arrows at the center will absorb any type of negative energy and release positive energy. The base is a natural wooden hoop decorated with bright colored yarn extensions that just demand attention!  

Craft with confidence by following along with our step by step instructions in the video below!

This dream catcher is a perfect DIY activity to engage children during a class activity or a party celebration and is suitable for all age groups. Each DIY kit includes all the necessary materials to make one dream catcher and comes with a step by step photo instructions. Our designs are created with simplicity in mind and we always strive to provide you with the highest quality DIYs.

We're always here to empower you and help you explore your full creative potential. Your creativity is our biggest inspiration so strut your stuff and flaunt those project photos for all to see. Share your creations on instagram and facebook by using #imadeitwithartizin. 

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