Love Note + Gift Card Envelopes

This cute envelope reminds me of my college days when on Valentine's Day, friends would exchange roses, chocolates, heartfelt messages, stickers and love notes. Back in those days, things were pretty simple however, now-a-days everything has to be much more lavish and stylish. Keeping current trends in mind, we have created these two simple yet elegant envelopes that are ready for you to insert a gift card or write a note to your beloved. So grab yours today and let them know how much you care!

Whether or not you have a specific valentine in your life, Valentine's Day is still an opportunity to spread some love to the people that matter the most in your life! These love envelopes are the perfect thing to hand out cute valentine gift cards to friends, family or coworkers. You can gift the card in these envelopes, or you can pair it with one of our DIY cards to brighten their day!

This set of envelopes can be customized to your taste and preference. You can choose the type of paper, change its color or add a design element to the insert. If you like to make this on your own, simply order the hobby kit and we will send you pre-cut materials that you can put together by following the steps given in the package. Whatever you choose to do, we guarantee the people getting them are going to adore them!

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