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As we geared up for the first date night of the year, a cute couple joined us to do something different to celebrate their love! I could sense the fear that the man had on his face because he has never tried anything like this before. But for his lady love, he was willing to go the extra mile. And a glass of wine gave the kick he very much needed to get started :)

The couple started selecting their colors and decided to go with the Valentine's theme - red, pearl white and gold. Under my guidance, they started with pouring the mixture into their cups and each tried a different paint pouring technique. While the lady decided to experiment with the dirty pour technique, the gentleman wanted to try the flip cup technique. The results, as you can see here, were simply gorgeous and beyond their imagination! 

You know the feeling of anxiety that you experience when you are doing something for the first time? Yes, that was exactly what I was experiencing at least for the first half of the night. But when I saw them laughing and enjoying every moment of their time, it made my day. At the end of the night, the couple was so happy because they had the most unforgettable night of their life!

Do you want to add a creative twist to your Valentine's Day celebration? Are you ready to get creative and spend some quality time with your significant other? Do you want to have fun while making memories and creating one-of-a-kind abstract art? 

Then join us during one of our upcoming date nights and spark your creativity! 

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