DIY | Modern Floral Wreath

Adding wreaths to any wall of your home invokes a fresh breath of creativity all year round. It makes your home look lovely no matter the season. This asymmetrical floral wreath is simply striking and its beauty will last for a long time, unlike fresh flowers. These beautiful paper flowers and greenery add such vibrant, alluring spring color to your home!

Crafting your own handcrafted asymmetrical wreath is super simple. We've put together a perfect DIY project that you can create in less than 45 minutes. Because this wreath makes such pretty home decor, we think its a perfect craft activity to try during any party or a gathering!


  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Curling Tool
  • Tweezers
  • Wooden ring
  • Paper Flowers (varying shapes & colors)
  • Pearls


  • Using a curling tool, start shaping each paper flower
  • Layer 3 or more paper flowers and adhere them together
  • Using the hot glue gun adhere ferns and flowers on the wooden ring as desired
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