Vaibhavi Gala is the founder, creative director and lead designer behind Artizin Studio. She is a self-taught artist with over twenty years experience desiging both products and projects in the home decor, wearable and craft categories.

Designing high-end fashion was one of the first skill Ms. Gala mastered when at age seventeen. She started creating scrapbooks for her own family in 2003. After three years of dedication in perfecting the craft, her first brand ScrapKorner opened its online doors in 2007. Her background as an MBA in Finance and MIS has helped her in owning and operating two small businesses while she thrives off the adventures that being self employed brings.

Vaibhavi has taught the art of making to thousands of people around the globe through private lessons, creative workshops, and masterfully designed events. She has also been a mentor to many artisans who started their own creative brands. Her aim is not only to spread the joy of making but also to empower people to create a career that is artistically fulfilling. With this vision in mind, she started Artizin Studio in 2017.  Her passion is to help people try new mediums in the art and crafts world. She truly believes anyone can be creative and that creativity brings happiness in one's life.