We put a whole lot of “ART” and a part of our “HEART” in parties!

We offer a large selection of modern, theme oriented and exquisitely handmade party decorations including Banners + Buntings, Signage, Garlands, Centerpieces, Party Hats + Crowns, Party Fans + Lanterns, Photo Props + Backdrops, Cake + Toothpick Toppers and Cupcake Liners. Each product is carefully crafted by hands with meticulous attention to detail. Our decorations are perfect for social get togethers, team building events, showers, festivals and parties for any occasion. You know all of the pretty stuff on Pinterest? We create them so you can celebrate your special occasion in style!

Are you looking to make a statement? Do you enjoy making things? Want to add a personal touch to your parties? If yes, then Do-It-Yourself Party Kits are just right for you! We pull out all the stops to make sure you have a wide range of the most unique materials and creative elements. Our range of party kits include a variety of Themed Party In A Box, Arts + Crafts Kits, Decorations, Personalized Goodies and Gift Packaging Bundles. Each kit packed with pre-cut + pre-creased materials and a step by step assembly guide, will give you everything you need for an unforgettable celebration!

Whether you're an individual looking to throw the best party ever for your guest of honor or a business person looking for creating an impression on your clients or a corporate celebrating your workforce, we have the variety for you! For special occasions and festivals, we provide Personalized Goodies (Return Gifts), Stationery, Gift Wrap Bundles, Ribbons & Bows, Wrapping Paper, Gift Card Holder, Floral Bouquets, Gift Bags & Gift Boxes that are crafted with love. We are here to make your experience of giving and receiving handmade gifts more exciting and memorable for a lifetime! 

Artsy Craftsy Party offers a hands-on craft based learning experience, giving you and your group the skill, confidence and the know-how to create artistic masterpieces. Guests leave with an eye-catching project, a feeling of accomplishment and a certificate of achievement. Choose from a range of existing crafts or suggest your own and we will bring all materials, equipment and instructions for a stress free creative party experience. The best thing is that we bring all the fun and creativity to the location of your choice.  Whether you are looking to engage kids or adults or a mix of both, we'll provide an exciting crafting experience that will get your creative juices flowing! 

Personalization is our trademark and we strive to be the best craft and celebration resource in India. Our eclectic collection of handmade, high-engagement & low cost party solutions will creatively entertain you and your guests. Starting from conceptualizing the theme to styling the party and creating eye-catching products - we do everything. We cater to all types of celebrations - be a private party or a group get together or a product launch party. If you're looking for a stress-free experience and a party that is different from the norm - you've made the right decision of choosing us!